The California Homeopathic Medical Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to
the highest standards for homeopathy, the encouragement of homeopathic practice,
maintaining the principles of ethics in homeopathic practice
and fellowship and personal growth of its members.

We are searching for California homeopaths who care about the future of homeopathy in our great state and nation in 2023 to join our board. Please contact us if you may be interested. Professional homeopaths and licensed health care providers trained in homeopathy are welcome (see member requirements).


CHMS Annual In-person Conference Returns!

October 13th & 14th, 2023 in Corte Madera, California

(San Francisco Bay Area)

Fostering Vitality with Homeopathy

in Times of Global Turmoil

In depth psychology there is a saying that the gold is near the wound. Likewise, naturalists speak of the remedy being near the poison. Some say there’s a solution embedded in every problem. In homeopathy, we understand that the unique pattern of a weakened vital force requires a similar signature to heal the individual. These metaphors guide us toward the light and remind us that even in the depths of the darkest and most tumultuous times, there is always a constellating force of benevolence, hope, and possibility for the future. 
Our conference this year is seeking proposals from presenters that will share and honor the lessons that have emerged from the hearts of healers over the last few years. From renewal, resilience, and unexpected alliances to innovation and the expansion of human potential.
This year, we are particularly interested in (but not only) seeing proposals from teams of novice and veteran collaborators. In this sense, if you have presented in the past and would like to help a novice presenter learn the ropes of proposal submission and public presenting this is a rich opportunity for you to contribute to the sustainable future of homeopathy.

Keywords: Resilience, innovation, novel, enduring, potential, learning, equitable, expansion, emerging, timeless, individuating, humanity, accessible, alliances, courage, vitality, global, future, legacy, mentorship, and bridging the gap.

Deadline for proposals is June 15th, 2023 

For questions, contact Kathleen Scheible: kathleen@bernalhomeopathy.com or 415-647-7919