2017 Conference Presenters


Samantha Conboy CCH

Using Homeopathy to Treat Chronic Disease in the Hormonal and Genito-urinary System

This presentation will include case references, remedy differentials, and clinical pearls to consider when treating these conditions.

Samantha Conboy is a nationally certified classical homeopath with over 8 years of clinical experience. She graduated from a 3 year program at the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California. She is the vice president of the Council for Homeopathic Certification. She loves helping women with hormonal, digestive and urinary complaints. Samantha also has a Masters of Arts in Educational Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. She is a mother of two.


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Shelley Keneipp, M.H., DiHom (UK)

Chronic Disease after Vaccination

Shelley’s presentation will cover the importance of normal childhood illnesses for children, assessing symptoms that arise after a vaccine has been given, and remedies to be given before and after obtaining a vaccine to prevent the development of chronic conditions. Also included will be updated information about the latest vaccination research, education for parents, resources for parents, and California’s vaccine legislation.

Shelley Keneipp holds diplomas from The British Institute of Homeopathy, U.K., as well as, the Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathic Studies, U.K. She has also furthered her advanced studies with the Guild Of Homeopaths in England.

She studied extensively with British homeopaths, teachers, and authors, Colin Griffith and the late Martin Miles. Shelley has been practicing homeopathy for over 15 years and medical hypnosis for over 26 years. Shelley is the Membership Coordinator of the California Homeopathic Medical Society. She has lectured to professionals, parents, as well as traditional and alternative medical groups. She has been a guest lecturer at the Neuropsychiatric Institute at UCLA. She also presented to the 2014 annual conference of the California Homeopathic Medical Society. Shelley has also been a guest on the radio show, Stepping In. As the founder of Homeopathy For The Child, she is committed to help parents use homeopathy to benefit their families and future generations. Shelley is the author of the book, “The Parent’s Guide to Homeopathy,” North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California, 2015. This book has been reviewed by peers and a parent’s magazine as a book that is both practical and very user-friendly.

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Barbara Sarter PhD, RN, FNP, DiHom

The Banerji Protocols for Treatment of Common Health Problems

Dr. Sarter’s presentation will introduce the audience to the legacy of the Banerji Protocols, including a brief history of their development in India by the Banerji family across four generations, and their current world-wide reputation. Dr. Sartar has had the privilege of studying with the Drs. Banerji in Kolkata, India for six months in one uninterrupted stretch, followed by several shorter repeat visits to the clinic. The Banerji Protocols are disease-specific and potency-specific, and can be described in terms of their tissue/organ specificity as well. She will share with the audience after a general overview of these principles some of the protocols that she has found to be particularly effective for a variety of common problems encountered in the USA. Though in India the Banerji Protocols are chosen by many patients as primary treatment of virtually all cancers, and with remarkable success. This presentation, however, will not focus on this group of problems, given that in our country, treating cancer exclusively with homeopathic medicines is not legal.

Barbara Sarter is a Professor at Bastyr University’s California School of Naturopathic Medicine.


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Gabrielle Traub M.Tech (HOM), CCH

Homeopathic Nosodes: Unique Therapy for Chronic Infections

Nosodes may be a low-risk, cost-effective adjunctive therapy to aid in the treatment of chronic infections. Nosodes can be used in conjunction with conventional and naturopathic treatments. Gabrielle will offer clinical updates on the use of these novel therapeutics in the setting of chronic infectious illnesses.

Gabrielle Traub completed a 5 year homeopathic medical degree program in South Africa where she trained in hospitals and rural clinics. She dedicated an additional year to research, conducting double blind clinical trials on anxiety and difficulty concentrating, including ADD and ADHD. Gabrielle produced and hosted the alternative medicine radio show “Vital Force”.

Gabrielle practiced in a traditional medical OB-GYN clinic for over 10 years alongside an OB-GYN and fertility endocrinologists, where she specialized in women’s health. She was previously part of a core team of clinicians at an in-patient treatment center specializing in Eating Disorders, Addictions, PTSD and Chronic Pain, where she treated patients with Homeopathy.

Gabrielle currently practices at the Institute for Specialized Medicine alongside prominent rheumatologist, immunologist, and infectious disease specialist, Alexander Shikhman, MD, PhD.

Gabrielle Traub has taught homeopathy in England, South Africa, Pakistan, Dubai, Australia and throughout the USA. She is a regular guest speaker to naturopathic students at Bastyr University and to pharmacy students at University of California. She is currently on the faculty of The Homeopathic Academy of Southern California and The Los Angeles School of Homeopathy and former faculty of The American Medical College of Homeopathy, The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Regent’s University (London) and Pioneer University (UK).

Gabrielle is the founder of World Homeopathy Awareness Week and former chair of the World Homeopathy Awareness Organization. She received an honorary doctorate for her contribution towards homeopathic research.
Gabrielle practices in San Diego, California. (858) 531-5279


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Dr.[Prof] Shailendra Vaishampayan, MD Homoeopathy (MUHS Nasik)

Homeopathic Treatment of Thyroid Disorders

A Homeopathic doctor, teacher and orator, known for his unconventional and adaptable path-breaking approach in wide range of patients – in masses and classes in rural as well as urban populations. His expertise includes conducting workshops, paper presentations and seminars across India on both national and international platforms.

Rather than following and adhering to a specific school of thought, [with due respect to all schools of homoeopathy], he has created his own style of prescribing, what he calls ‘Folk Homeopathy’, homeopathy for folks [common people], where patient is your greatest teacher and the approach is decided considering the need of patient’s condition. He believes that homeopathy is a natural principle, not merely a therapeutic science, and its scope goes beyond the healing of clinical conditions.

He has conducted more than 25 seminars and workshops across India with a research paper on ‘Homeopathic approach to female hypothyroid cases ‘ at the OMICS Conference Of Alternative Medicine International Seminar Hydrabad, a presentation on psychiatric cases at Asian Homeopathic league, and a presentation in the University of Cyberjaya, Malaysia. He has taught in many institutes in India, including The Other Song Academy.

He is a practicing Homeopathic Doctor with professional experience of over 16 years. He has expertise in treating various kinds of cases including thyroid, cancer or immune compromised, hospice, epilepsy, endocrine disorders, pediatric, geriatric gynecological disorder, addictions and psychiatric disorders.

He is an author of a reference book called ‘Kindergarten Homoeopathy’ used by UG students across India and Malaysia.


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Nazanin Vassighi ND

Tension Myositis Syndrome – Revelations in Homeopathic Treatment of Chronic Back Pain and Other Pain Disorders

Dr. Vassighi will discuss the epidemiology of chronic back pains, fibromyalgia, and other associated musculoskeletal/pain disorders (potentially some GI issues) in the US and worldwide. She will discuss the concept of Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) as coined by Dr. John Sarno, MD, and include cases of chronic pain and other symptoms treated using homeopathy.

Nazanin Vassighi, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor and Assistant Professor of Homeopathy at Bastyr University California (BUC). She graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) with Honors in Tempe, AZ. After completing a general medicine residency at SCNM, she was accepted into a specialized homeopathy residency sponsored by Standard Homeopathic under Dr. Stephen Messer, ND, DHANP. Educating students and patients about the great art of homeopathy is a great passion of hers which has led to her involvement in teaching homeopathy at SCNM as adjunct faculty in addition to community talks and publishing articles in Homeopathy Today. In addition to teaching homeopathy at BUC, she additionally serves as a faculty supervisor at Bastyr University Clinic training naturopathic medical students in clinical homeopathy.


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