About CHMS

The California Homeopathic Medical Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement of homeopathic research, maintaining principles of ethics in homeopathic practice, fellowship and personal growth. Founded in 1877, in response to the need for a professional association of homeopathic physicians, today’s Society is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, California Corporation that has extended its membership to other homeopathic practitioners and lay persons across the United States.

Members of the CHMS receive an annual subscription to the Society’s online publication, The California Homeopath, as well as discounted admission to Society events.

Society Goals

  • The highest educational standards for homeopathy
  • The encouragement of homeopathic research
  • Maintaining principles of ethics in homeopathic practice
  • Fellowship and personal growth

Society Activities

  • Sponsor an annual educational conference which offers members an opportunity to discuss homeopathic medical practice, research, and to exchange general medical knowledge
  • Conduct introductory and advanced regional workshops and seminars
  • Share information with our members about important opportunities for homeopathy advocacy on a local, state and federal level