2019 Conference

Homeopathic Medicine in Accessible Mental Health Care

Save the Date! May 17th – 19th in Corte Madera, in the San Francisco Bay Area


We hope to learn from one another the latest on how homeopathy is successfully helping people who have mental health issues. The additional focus on being accessible is to encourage our community to think about how our services fit into the larger framework of health care options, how we relate to other health care professionals in this regard, as well as how well we are meeting people where they are in the world with what we do. This can be about cost of services, findability of homeopathy to a broad range of people, or other meanings of “accessible.”

Request for Proposals through December 15th, 2018:

Presentation Proposal Form for Prospective Speakers

              Contact Kathleen Scheible, CCH with questions, kathleen(at)