The California Homeopathic Medical Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement of homeopathic research, maintaining principles of ethics in homeopathic practice, fellowship and personal growth. The Society has extended its membership to homeopathic practitioners and lay persons across the United States. Members enjoy:

  • Discounted admission to our annual conference
  • Input to subject matter covered by our webinars and/ or conferences
  • Satisfaction in supporting our efforts to re-boot our journal, The California Homeopath… coming soon in 2024

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There is no longer an application process to join the CHMS, as all members are now Supporting Members, e.g. there are also no membership requirements. While we appreciate the educational and ethical requirements of professional homeopathic practice, we are not in the position to scrutinize these credentials. So membership is not a conference of professional achievement, but a desire to support our mission in keeping a thriving homeopathic community in the great state of California moving forward.