The California Homeopathic Medical Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement of homeopathic research, maintaining principles of ethics in homeopathic practice, fellowship and personal growth. Today’s Society has extended its membership to homeopathic practitioners and lay persons across the United States. Members enjoy:

  • Listing in our online Member/Practitioner Directory
  • Discounted admission to our annual conference.
  • Premium, emailed subscription to the Society’s online publication, The California Homeopath.
  • Early Bird Bonus: Those who apply for or renew their membership by March 31 each year will receive a free Associate Membership to the prestigious Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LMHI), which includes access to their content-rich newsletter and special documents such as congress proceedings, as well as reduced registration at LMHI congresses and more.

Want to Join or Pay your CHMS member dues?
Please see the information at right to join the Society or renew your membership.

Membership Categories

Licensed Practitioner Membership ($100 annually)
Available to all licensed health professionals. The applicant should also have completed an approved introductory course in homeopathy or plan to attend one in the future.
Professional Homeopath Active Membership ($50 annually)
Available to non-licensed professional homeopaths who are legally allowed to practice in California. Active members are able to hold office and vote.
Supporting Membership ($50 annually)
Open to all individuals whose professional activities involve a specialized contribution to homeopathic medicine, or those who are interested in furthering the advancement of homeopathic medicine. They do not hold office or have voting privileges, nor do they have a certificate of membership or a listing in our online directory.
Retired Membership ($50 annually)
Open to active and affiliate members who no longer actively practice their profession.
Student Membership (Free)
Available to persons enrolled full-time in an accredited college or university program leading to qualification for active or affiliate membership.
Sustaining Membership ($360 annually)
Open to all organizations, companies, and individual who want to contribute substantially to the Society. They do not hold office or have voting privileges but receive all other membership benefits plus two complimentary tickets to one of the Society’s educational conferences.